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    Comprehensive oral care is our ultimate focus. Preventive and periodontal (gum) care, hygiene, and fillings address the majority of our clients’ ongoing dental health needs. We offer the most basic care for those with even the healthiest dental condition.

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    Cosmetic dentistry is often used to describe many types of dental procedures effecting a “smile makeover” which tends to focus on the front 8 to 10 teeth visible when you smile. Common treatments include; in-office tooth whitening, tooth-colored restorations, porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns.

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    Your bite can affect your health in many ways. A strained bite can be responsible for TMJ problems, headaches, shoulder pain and the list goes on. Neuromuscular dentistry offers relief for these conditions through Jaw Tracking and EMG Anaysis and TENS – Transcutaneous Electric Neural Stimulation.

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    Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder which prevents many people from getting enough oxygen to their heart, brain and other vital organs during sleep. Dr. Matt is treating these patients with a custom fitted oral appliance called a Somnodent, which assists in keeping the airway open.

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    MXMW 2014 HAAM Benefit

    March 4, 2014   /   Comments Off   /   Written by Authentic Smiles Dental Studio

    Dr. Shane Matt is pleased to present the fourth annual MXMW concert series and fundraiser benefiting Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). Join us @ Authentic Smiles Dental Studio March 12th and 13th, beginning @ 5:00pm. We will be featuring acclaimed Austin musicians & special guests! Free Admission, Complimentary Drinks,